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Our Services

Dive into the world of immersion with us!

Get ready to stand out!

We create new worlds and bring them to life in the form of interactive adventures, not only to delight participants, but also to boost your brand image, revenues and visibility. In Paris and all over France (and the world!), we build the most incredible immersive experiences for your communities!


Whether your experience is private or public, turnkey or tailor-made, we bring our know-how to the fore to make the heritage of your brand, site or history shine, to the delight of participants.


From intimate dinners to corporate parties, we can set up any type of experience under tight deadlines. Thanks to our extensive network, we can manage a production from A to Z, from initial concept to final execution, with efficiency and precision.


Thanks to our targeted consulting and intensive workshops, learn the bases (or much more) of experiential design and re-imagine your events, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, parties and much more in new and innovative ways.

Our services are based on the three core pillars of design, production and consulting, and are meticulously designed and executed to meet specific needs, delivering unique experiences and outstanding results at every stage of the event journey.



We create bespoke universes that fit you and your brand, as well as turn-key adventures that can be adapted to numerous formats. From big events to temporary happenings and installations, either public or private, in person or online, we work with you to create the immersive experience of your dreams!
We offer a robust selection of services, from consulting to production, thanks to a large ecosystem of artists (dancers, singers, fire-eaters, acrobats), creators and professionals. Whether you are a company, hotel, creative brand or patrimonial treasure… we have the talent, the team and the know-know to fulfill all your needs.

Immersive design can also help you


Add some flair to your trade show booths...

Some glamour to your company parties...

Achieve true rejuvenation in your seminars...

napoleon Bonaparte.jpg

Make your History come to life...

And so much more! Let's talk about your project!

Our Turn-key Universes

Cropped Queen

Versailles Imagined

Join the court of Marie Antoinette in 18th century Versailles… but don’t lose your head!

Do you fancy meeting Napoleon or rubbing elbows with Josephine Baker?

Let's get personal - Tell us your wildest dreams and we'll make it happen!

Get in touch to learn more.

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