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Our Process

Put our expertise to work!

How We Work

Our innovative and thorough approach is the result of years of work and research in the worlds of immersive entertainment and experience design. We put our carefully-crafted process to work for you to create experiences that meet your needs and desires.  We've helped hundreds of companies in paris with their seminars, team building ...
Our method is centered around three main phases: design, implementation, and production. Whether you need simply one or all three of the phases, we’re with you every step of the way.


We develop a design and production plan for the experience.

01. Strategy Workshop

We get to know each other and define your needs, desires, objectives, budgets and resources going forward.

03. Conception and Development

Step back and relax! We put our design tools to the task and design your experience, always keeping the audience in mind to ensure they never forget their moment with you.

02. Developing Your Ideas

Let’s brainstorm! No idea is too big, too silly, too crazy - this is the time to dream without constraint.

04. Creative Design

Things are taking shape. We give you a detailed run-down of the final experience, from budget to sets and costumes, so you know exactly what to expect.


We mobilize our teams and partners to build and create the experience of your dreams.

05. Pre-production

We find and secure all the elements necessary for the realization of your experience: sets, costumes, actors, caterers, music, experiential products, etc.

06. Installation

It’s time to bring your experience to life! We train the staff, rehearse with the actors, build the decor and coordinate with our collaborators until everything is ready.


We run the experience for you… or we teach you how to do it to ensure its continued success.

07. Beta Test

An immersive experience cannot be evaluated without participants: invite your friends, family or colleagues to come for a first playthrough! We’ll evaluate what works, what doesn’t, what we need more or less of, and tweak things accordingly.

08. Launch

The big day is here - your experience is launched with great success! From there, we continue running the experience or give you the tools so you can confidently do so on your own.

Get in touch to learn more.

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