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Discover which one of our universes is made for you !

Companies, hotels and patrimonial treasures searching for creativity… we work with you!

The coolest

immersive experiences

to stand out in the market!

Captivate and connect with your community through interactive shows, parties and team-building events
Generate high engagement
Increase your brand exposure
Instagram bragging rights

Are you struggling to find an engaging & unique experience?

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Disengaged employees
Silent community
Bored Visitors_edited.jpg
Bored visitors

3 new ways to grow your business with a unique immersive experience.


Generate high engagement

Whether you use it for team building or a product launch, your immersive experience engages your people emotionally and gets their attention. Your community will respond to your new and surprising experiences that will catch them off-guard and provide an element of excitement!


Increase brand exposure

Your immersive experience can lead to more buzz and brand awareness, which makes it easier to boost your brand image and reputation. You'll attract new customers, build key relationships, increase brand affinity, and drive leads and sales.

Brand Exposure.jpg
Image by Gian Cescon

Create viral opportunities

Your immersive experience gives your customers and/or employees a new intriguing way to physically experience your product, which sparks opportunities for viral content.


The Universes


Versailles Imagined

Cropped Queen.jpg

Tradition can be innovative...


Corporate events don't have to be boring...

An immersive brand experience is a chance to really let the creative juices flow and to think outside the box, while keeping with your company and brand culture. Turn-key or bespoke, we've got you covered!


of customers buy from companies they're emotionally engaged with or brands they're loyal to. 

– 2022 Statistics & Trends

Our Clients

Toast to Versailles.png

What Clients Say

There are things that can't be learned, like experience gained over time and personality rooted in your DNA. The ETC team combines their unique, open-minded, 'boxless' and totally creative personalities with experience and insight into the world of immersive theater. Their creations are definitely something to watch, now and in the future!

Peter Monbailleu

Co-Founder, Shakalaka!

Offer emotional connections and build a community around your brand in 3 Easy Steps:

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Schedule a



Choose your



Sit back, relax
& enjoy

We create the perfect experience to fit your budget.

Do you want to make your
video-conferencing more immersive?

4 steps to making your online meetings more dynamic

Immersive experiences can help you in unexpected ways - like with your online meetings. Go from falling asleep in front of your computer to engaging in productivity-filled events with those simple tips!

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