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Where the ordinary ends,

the extraordinary begins!

Let us transform your seminars, team buildings, parties or visits,
for your business or your heritage site, in Paris or anywhere!

The perfect experience for your needs

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Revolutionize Your Business with Unforgettable Experiences

Experience a transformative journey for your team building, product launch or seminar on Paris. Our immersive encounters captivate and emotionally engage your audience, fostering excitement and heightened engagement. Unleash the power of surprise and creativity to leave a lasting impact on your community, generating unparalleled attention and enhancing team dynamics.


Breathe Life into History: Elevate Your Heritage

Ignite curiosity and draw in new visitors by redefining the way history is experienced. Our immersive encounters bring historical narratives to life, creating a dynamic, interactive atmosphere that captivates audiences of all ages. From ancient tales to modern exhibits, offer a fresh perspective and invigorate your museum, castle or city with innovative storytelling that leaves a lasting impression.


Escape the Ordinary: Unveil a World of Unexpected Fun

Embark on a journey of discovery beyond traditional entertainment avenues. Break away from routine movie nights and stage performances and immerse yourself in unexpected, thrilling encounters that spark curiosity and create memorable moments, ensuring each adventure is a step into the extraordinary.

Our international network at your fingertips

When you're working with Eat the Cake Studio, you're getting access to an international network of performers, technicians, historians, producers and much more.

And because we believe in the power of stories to bring countries together, our entire team is also proudly bilingual English/French, ensuring all our productions can reach a wider audience, perfect for your team building !

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Our Clients

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What Clients Say

I had the pleasure of working with ETC for a unique corporate event. From the initial stages of ideation to delivery of design, they demonstrated a remarkable level of professionalism and creativity. [...] Their creative ideation process not only reflected a deep understanding of our objectives but also highlighted their commitment to ensuring our attendees received unique and memorable experiences. [...] I truly appreciated their flexibility when it came to tackling challenging logistics and budget constraints. They navigated through obstacles with grace and professionalism and their adaptability & availability made the process easier to manage. Their refreshing approach to event design makes me look forward to working with them again. 

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of customers buy from companies they're emotionally engaged with or brands they're loyal to. 

– 2022 Statistics & Trends

Tradition can be innovative...


Corporate events don't have to be boring...

An immersive brand experience is a chance to really let the creative juices flow and to think outside the box, while keeping with your company and brand culture. Turn-key or bespoke, we've got you covered!

Offer emotional connections and build a community around your brand in 3 Easy Steps:

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Schedule a



Choose your



Sit back, relax
& enjoy

We create the perfect experience to fit your budget for a professional activity in paris.

Looking for inspiration ?

5 Ways to Make Your Business or Private Events Unforgettable!

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