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Unlocking History: A Whirlwind Team Building Success Story

Today, we're thrilled to share an exhilarating journey we embarked on, weaving history, mystery, and teamwork into a seamless tapestry of success.

The Challenge: A Castle, A Mystery, and 80 Adventurous Souls

Mission Accepted!

  • We were tasked with creating an immersive team building experience around one of the biggest scandals of Queen Marie-Antoinette’s reign for a team of 80 people.

  • The catch? We only had one month to create it from scratch!

The Experience Unveiled: Marie-Antoinette's Scandalous Secret

A Glimpse Inside:

  • An immersive team building experience set against the backdrop of one of Marie-Antoinette's biggest scandals.

  • A priceless necklace, a spurned admirer, a conniving upstart, and the most infamous Queen of France – participants embarked on a thrilling mystery-solving adventure to determine once and for all the true culprits of this tale.

Skills Unlocked:

  • Wits, observation, and interrogation techniques were put to the test as teams unraveled the truth from lies, building a defense for one of four main historical suspects, including the Queen herself.

The Creative Odyssey: Crafting History and Spaces

Gamifying the Story:

  • We took one of our pre-existing story structures and injected it with the magic of gamification, ensuring participants encountered classic team building challenges like riddle-solving and character interrogations.

Character Sheets:

  • Elaborate historical character sheets became our compass, guiding actors through unscripted interactions. Each character's background, motives, and relationships were meticulously detailed, setting the stage for an authentic experience. Improvisation is always key to a true immersive experience, and actors need to be the virtuosos of their character's many facets to be able to react to any and every prompt.

Space Odyssey:

  • Four unique spaces were conjured, one for each character, with a fifth actress acting as the game master in the form of one of the Queen’s maids. The challenge was not just in quantity but in quality – ensuring each space mirrored the historical accuracy and charm we envisioned, and managed to be a window into each character’s personality and position at the court of Versailles, from the lavish and ostentatious Cardinal to the more humble (but still very proud) jeweler.

Behind the Scenes

Obstacle Course Ahead:

  • While our narrative designer knew this particular story front and back and had a structure already constructed, everything needed to be reworked to match the codes and demands of an on-site team building exercise.

  • Crafting comprehensive historical character sheets for 5 characters is no small feat, and more than 30 pages were carefully written for each character, giving them all the info they could ever need to truly understand and integrate the very real historical figures they were breathing life into.

  • With a whopping 80 participants, we had to plan for two simultaneous gameplays with 10 actors and 8 unique spaces scattered around the castle hosting us, doubling all the logistics.

Plot Twist: Outdoor Edition:

  • A week before the event, the bombshell dropped – the experience had to unfold on the castle grounds instead of inside, prompting a last-minute spatial redesign! With grace under pressure, we adapted the layout to the castle grounds without sacrificing the historical immersion we were striving for.


The Grand Finale: Applause and Smiles

Actors' Encore:

  • Our talented actors, the real stars of the show, went above and beyond. Their improvisational skills elevated the experience, making it unforgettable for participants who also played their parts like pros. The closing trial was particularly spirited with participants defending their clients with whim and vigor and characters accusing one another as the evidence unfolded.

Spaces That Spoke Volumes:

  • The meticulously crafted outdoor spaces garnered praise, transporting everyone to the heart of the historical drama, showing how a few carefully chosen accessories can evoke entire settings. The participants not only solved the mystery but immersed themselves in an era long gone.

A Celebration of History:

  • Participants were equally impressed with the obvious historical accuracy and authenticity that permeated the adventure, showing them a new fascinating facet of historical figures too often frozen still in people’s minds.

A Standing Ovation for Teamwork:

  • With pride, we acknowledge our network of talented and responsive collaborators who played a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life, helping us create an experience of the highest quality despite the daunting time constraint. It's a testament to the strength of collaboration and creativity under pressure!

Ready for Your Own Adventure?

  • If you're itching to unlock history, create unforgettable memories, and strengthen your team bonds, get in touch with us! Let's craft an experience tailored to your company's unique spirit.

In just one month, we turned a challenge into a triumph, proving that with a dash of creativity, a sprinkle of collaboration, and a pinch of improvisation, anything is possible. Here's to unlocking more history, one adventure at a time!


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