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Finding our Talents

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

I am an actress, clown, burlesque performer, singer and equestrian artist with more than 25 years of experience and 20 years of living in France in the Paris region. I have already founded several theatrical companies and cooperatives, such as Le Théâtre du Partage, Words Up! and Burlesque Moulin. I mainly work with English-speaking actors in Paris, but I've also worked with a lot of French and other nationalities. Thanks to all these years in the industry, I have many contacts: colleagues and friends, acquaintances and friends of friends. If among these diverse, competent and creative people, I can't find the right person to embody a certain role, I know the channels I must go through to find new artists to add to our pool of performers. All this to say that I have the knowledge and skills that have put me in charge of casting for our immersive experiences. Of course, like everything at Eat The Cake Studio, there are four of us who help each other and make decisions together, but it's generally me who organizes the auditions, who contacts and informs the artists.

I know how difficult it can be to be an actor, a performing artist, and that's why I'm always delighted when I can offer work to people I like, but who are above all capable and talented, artists who should have more fame and be paid much more, but who, like so many of us, remain more or less in the shadows, working on small projects here and there, often their own creations, but for lack of visibility they haven't really had that "big break" as they say.

When I realize that I don't have the right actor for a certain role, I organize auditions and this generally takes place in 5 stages:

  1. First I contact my network to ask them if they know people who could correspond to the criteria.

  2. Then I advertise on Ciné and on our FB pages and groups.

  3. When I have received a good number of candidates, I sort out those that I think could best match our search according to their physique, their skills and their experiences. Generally we look for artists who are at least passably bilingual French/English.

  4. I contact these artists and I ask them about their availability, I guage their motivation and their enthusiasm for the project and the role and I test their skills.

  5. I share with my team all the information I have gathered as well as my recommendations and we make a choice for the given role and event. All other candidates with an interesting profile are kept in my archives to delve into the next time we need an actor, singer or performer for some experience.

We always manage to find the people we need to make our experiences believable, authentic, interactive and dynamic; and fortunately so because we want the characters in our experiences to be played by competent and enthusiastic artists. It is part of our quality engagement. If you are an actor or performer, you are at least passably bilingual and you have experience in immersive and interactive theater (improvisation, street theater, etc.) and you want to work with us, don't hesitate to send us your application and we will keep you in mind for future projects.


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