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Exclusive Experience

You've walked through Paris, now let Paris come to you

If you could meet anyone from Parisian history, who would it be?


Unlock Paris's Secrets with Timeless French Icons

What if I told you you can not only meet the most legendary figures from French history, but you can do so from the comfort of the Molitor Hotel?

Elevate your Parisian getaway

Treat yourself to an extraordinary encounter unlike any other touristic experience. Spend an exclusive moment with an iconic figure as Parisian history comes right to your doorstep. You will never discover the secrets of the city in a more intimate setting!

Exclusively available for guests of the Molitor Hotel

This personalized experience promises unforgettable memories and even includes a bespoke souvenir basket filled with enchanting Parisian keepsakes.

Delve into Paris's rich history like never before

Enjoy interactive storytelling, games, and hands-on activities curated by emblematic Parisian figures like Marie Antoinette, Pierre Guerlain, Josephine Baker, or even fictional legends such as Arsène Lupin. Choose your muse and embark with them on a unique journey through time and culture.

Discover a new world with us

New experiences are added regularly. Don't see your dream historical figure? Let us know! We listen to popular requests and aim to make your Parisian adventure truly exceptional.

Ready for your unforgettable Parisian rendez-vous? Book your exclusive encounter now!

Our Icons and Muses

New experiences are added regularly. Come back to see if your historical inspiration is on offer! 

Prices apply for up to 6 participants. Contact us for our group rates.

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Guerlain Perfume.png
Pierre Guerlain - Paris in the 1850s

Embark on a fragrant journey with one of France's most famous perfumers

Transport yourself to 19th century Paris and meet the legendary Pierre Guerlain, the genius behind Maison Guerlain. Spend an hour in the company of this visionary perfumer as he unveils the captivating scents of Paris that inspired his creations. Delve into an exclusive perfume-making workshop and craft your own signature scent, guided by his expertise.


This isn't a history lesson—it's a sensory adventure that will forever change how you experience Paris. Discover the soul of the city through its fragrances, enriching your future explorations with a newfound depth and appreciation. Join us for an unforgettable immersion into the essence of Parisian allure.

Experience Length : 1h     Price : 450€
Suitable for all ages
Detail Lupin.png
Guerlain Perfume.png
Lupin Mystery.png
Arsène Lupin - Paris in the 1900s

Solve mysteries with the famous gentleman thief

Embark on a captivating adventure with Arsène Lupin, the master of mystery and elegance, for a unique experience both sophisticated and family-friendly.


Unravel thrilling puzzles and learn the secrets of Lupin's trade, creating clever aliases and crafting your own personalized calling cards to leave behind at the scene of your mischief. It's all about using wit and creativity for good-natured fun, inspired by the legendary exploits of Arsène Lupin.

Whether you're seeking thrilling entertainment for the whole family or an enthusiast of witty Parisian charm, this encounter is bound to satisfy your thirst for adventure.

Experience Length : 1h     Price : 450€
Recommended for families
Detail Chanel.png
Coco Makeup.png
Coco Fashion.png
Coco Chanel - Paris in the 1930s

Explore Parisian glamour with Coco Chanel

Indulge in the timeless elegance of Parisian fashion with the iconic Coco Chanel. Join us for an exclusive session dedicated to the art of makeup and fashion, led by a skilled professional makeup artist.


Discover the secrets of Chanel's signature style as you learn to recreate classic or contemporary makeup looks. Whether you prefer a retro chic vibe or a modern glam aesthetic, this experience promises to enhance your beauty skills and elevate your Parisian flair.


Perfect for a pre-dinner soirée or before a night out on the town, this makeup workshop will leave you feeling confident and ready to dazzle. Immerse yourself in the world of haute couture and unlock the essence of Parisian glamour with Coco Chanel!

Experience Length : 1h30     Price : 525€
Suitable for all ages
Detail Polignac.png
Polignac Rococo.png
Polignac Seduction.png
The Duchess of Polignac - Paris in the 1780s

Unveil the naughtiest secrets of Marie Antoinette's court with the Duchess of Polignac

Step into the scandalous world of 18th century Versailles alongside the Duchess of Polignac, dearest confidante to Queen Marie Antoinette herself !


Discover the forbidden pleasures of Versailles through erotic pamphlets, risqué tales, and spicy songs that will have you singing along. This experience is a journey into a side of history rarely explored—a world of decadence and delight.


As Marie Antoinette's closest companion, the Duchess invites you to embrace the daring spirit of the era. This is not your typical history lesson—it's a provocative rendezvous that will leave you seeing Versailles in a whole new light!

Experience Length : 1h     Price : 450€
For audiences aged 16 and above

Enhance your Experience

Professional photoshoot

Preserve your memories of this enchanting moment forever with a photoshoot! Our professional photographer will join you for your immersive experience and make sure you have the perfect photos to share on all your socials. Time to get glamorous with an iconic poolside shoot!

Includes 10 professionally retouched photos.

Price : 350€

Can only be booked with one of our immersive experiences.

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* experience availability is dependent on the actors' schedules. Booking requests must be sent at least 24h before the requested booking time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the experience in English?

Yes. However, all our actors are bilingual English/French and can easily adapt to a French group.

How many people can participate?

Our experiences are ideal for groups of up to 6 people, but if you have a bigger group, do not hesitate to contact us to see what's possible; we would love to accomodate you!

How do I pay for the experience?

Once your booking has been confirmed, you will be directed to a secure part of our website to complete your payment.

Where will the experience take place?

The experience can take place in your hotel room at the Molitor (you need to have at least a suite) or in a dedicated salon within the hotel. It is possible to have the experience in one of the beautiful nearby public gardens if the weather is good. Do not hesitate to ask us.

Can I book an experience for later today?

Unfortunately not. Our experiences are provided by actors whose availability may vary and who need time to prepare. For this reason, every experience must be booked a minimum of 24h before its start time.

Are these experiences family-friendly?

Most of them are, and some, like Arsène Lupin, have been specifically created to be fun to both adults and kids. A few, like the Duchess of Polignac, are specifically intended for a more mature audience.

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