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How to create the perfect virtual Christmas

Every year, we have the pleasure of organizing a virtual Christmas party for our client the Artline Institute, an online school of digital arts. Now that more and more people work from home, we thought some of you might like to have our secret recipe to organize your own online event. Happy Holidays! 😘

For a perfect online Christmas, you will need:

  • 1 online platform (pick a stable one)

  • 3 or 4 bundles of decorations

  • 1 advent calendar full of surprises

  • 2 or 3 thematic playlists

  • 5 or 6 activities you can whip up

  • 1 soft heart with a Santa Claus flavor

  • 1 gift box made with love

  • And 1 hearty pinch of happiness thanks to an energetic Mrs. Claus !

Start with the dough preparation by finding your ideal virtual platform (for us this year, it’s Nowhere!). You need a welcoming base, something that can be decked out in the theme, and which will allow both the broadcasting of your workshops and shows while leaving the guests free to roam and huddle together, just like in an on-site event.

While the dough is resting, prepare your Christmas decorations (graphics, quizzes, videos, playlists and more), then incorporate them into the dough and mix energetically. The goal here is to create a full-on Christmas atmosphere both cozy and full of surprises for your most inquisitive guests. Lay down the ambiance with the sound of a crackling fire or jingle bells, but remember to also add links to playlists so the party can continue long after the event is over.

Cut up your advent calendar into pieces (24 is best) and sprinkle those ahead of the party, for example through your company’s Slack channel. This both counts down the day until the party (and beyond, if your party is before the official Christmas), and puts every guest into the right mood as early as the 1st of December (because if you can make the last month of the year a little more cheerful, why wouldn’t you?). Once again, playlists, quizzes and online activities (like finding your elf name!) are your allies, but you can also post challenges (create a mini Christmas tree with whatever is on your desk), questions (tell us your favorite Christmas memory), or encourage people to share childhood pictures or their perfect presents.

Whip up the party program until you get a smooth but airy texture - you do not want your guests to feel squeezed and rushed from one activity to the next; always leave them breathing time so they can enjoy each other’s company, this will only make them enjoy the activities more!

Preheat your oven to “toasty and excited” thanks to a letter sent to all your guests to announce the party. It will heat things up even better if you write it in the theme - take the pen as if you were Mother Christmas, an elf, or even a reindeer! Sprinkle this letter with a good dose of Christmas lingo and do not hesitate to be heavy on the fluff, this cake needs to be sweet!

Now that your dough is good and rested, lay it out in a circle and cover it with a carefully crafted gift box sent ahead of time. Ideally, this layer does not only contain a gift, but packs some flavorful delight thanks to all the things your guests may need during the party: Christmas decorations, accessories (reindeer headbands are always a hit), glitter, hot cocoa mix, and everything they might need to participate in the workshops (cookie mix, Fimo clay, etc.).

Cut out the center of your party and hide a molten center with a visit from Santa Claus for small and big children. Pick a Santa that is funny and tender, and make sure the children send him their letters ahead of time for a fully personalized moment.

Finally, sprinkle your party with a good pinch of enthusiasm (don’t hesitate to use more!) thanks to your Mrs. Claus. Careful: Mrs. Claus is a CRUCIAL ingredient, she’ll be your party’s emcee and choosing a subpar one risks ruining the entire cake. Your Mrs. Claus needs to be energetic and cheerful, very good at improv, and with a good sense of comic timing, otherwise, your cake will deflate like an overcooked soufflé.

On D-Day, heat up your energy until it boils in happiness and spread it over your party. Eat it as it’s still piping hot from the oven! 🎄


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