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A Seminar to Boost and Inspire

A view to inspire

Introduction: To the Pyrenees We Go… 

Last month saw us organizing and facilitating a seminar in the French Pyrenees for our client, the Artline Institute. Held at a chalet hotel overlooking stunning mountain views and boasting a yurt for the seminar and a spa for relaxation, the event spanned three nights and four days under the facilitation of Frances. Under the client’s directive to start off the year with a boost of inspiration and to showcase the growth of the company over the past year, we themed the event ‘Vers les Sommets’ (Scaling Heights), and made use of the mountain backdrop as the perfect fit to support the theme. 

The Client's Request: Meaningful Moments

Our client, who operates fully in the digital realm, recognized the need for meaningful connections and transparent communication among collaborators. With a focus on integrating new team members and conveying crucial company updates, they sought an event that balanced professionalism with personal engagement. The brief was clear: design a seminar that would inspire engagement, facilitate authentic interaction, support transparent information sharing, and strengthen team cohesion.

Hard at work during the workshops

Setting the Tone:  The Magic Circle

In setting the tone for the seminar, we prioritized infusing the ‘Vers les Sommets’ theme in all communication leading up to the event. All the emails had the mountain vibe to inspire the collaborators to come prepared both mentally and logistically. Upon arrival, I invited everyone to the yurt where I guided them in co-creating their ‘magic circle’. Together we established the parameters and the rules of their time together that week, fostering a sense of ownership and buy-in from the outset. This included having them identify their superpowers, choosing their group motto, and designing their group song. After this, they were ready to start their week!

Our Tactic: Learning and Laughing

At the heart of the seminar was a structured yet balanced program designed to maximize productivity and engagement. Workshops and seminar talks were interspersed with convivial gatherings, such as themed cocktail hours, game nights, and even a murder mystery, offering opportunities for both learning and bonding. Communal meals at large family-style tables were organized to encourage informal networking and connection-building, while surprise elements injected moments of delight and curiosity throughout the event. We even recreated Christmas in January to hold the company Christmas party!

You don't have to be bald to work here... but it doesn't hurt!

The Outcome: The Mountain High

The positive impact of the seminar was tangible and was a turning point in the current company culture, with participants reporting increased camaraderie, enhanced company communication, and a renewed sense of purpose. The location, the hotel, the food, and the overall organization were very appreciated. Even the hotel staff acknowledged the positive energy created, noting that not only did they appreciate how well everything was organized (we were always right on time for our meals) but that they could feel the positive team spirit and mutual respect among the team. A few days later, we even had one participant share about her personal and professional transformation inspired by the seminar, underscoring its lasting impact on her individual growth and development.

Lessons to Share: Enhancing Growth

Reflecting on our experience, several key lessons emerge. 

  • Thorough preparation is key. Despite meticulously choosing the coach bus for our mountain journey, it fell short due to terrain challenges. Thankfully, a collaborator's last-minute car availability saved the day, underscoring the importance of planning every detail.

  • Immersion begins at the outset. Captivate participants from the start to maximize engagement and connection throughout the event.

  • Good food fosters good vibes. Encourage communal dining at spacious tables to enhance camaraderie and ensure attendees are well-fed and content.

  • Explore beyond the beaten path. Consider hosting seminars in lesser-known regions of France for cost-effective options and unique experiences, including transportation arrangements.

  • Strike a balance. Find the sweet spot between work and leisure activities to optimize productivity and enjoyment for all attendees.

Do you have a seminar coming up? Are you looking for ways to create a unique experience for your collaborators? We’re happy to help you, let’s talk!


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