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Eat the Cake and the Pursuit of Happiness

Last Monday was International Day of Happiness, a day to celebrate simple pleasures and spread happiness around in big and small ways. And as a lifelong seeker of happiness, both in my private life and my professional one, I thought I’d jump on the occasion to talk a bit about Eat the Cake’s philosophy, which is very much centered around happiness, how to foster it and how to spread it.

It’s hard to talk about our philosophy without first talking about our name. “Eat the Cake Studio” is a very happy name, but chances are the first time you heard it you expected us to sell pastries, not immersive experiences. And it’s definitely not the name we expected to end up with when we started this adventure, but serendipity works in funny ways.

We’d been trying to come up with a name for weeks and nothing seemed to stick. On the rare occasion where we could find a name that all 3 of us liked, it was already taken. We were at a loss. And then I heard a story that stayed with me. A woman, nearing the end of her life, had been asked if she had any regrets. Her answer? She wished she’d eaten more cake