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The Cabinet of Curiosities is available for private parties and team buildings. Want to treat your friends and employees to an immersive experience they will never forget? Contact us today!


An intimate soirée

100% immersive and interactive

1h30 of sexy, surprising, unbridled fun

4 actors

s bubbles *

Themed appetizers

* Non-alcoholic cocktails available

✨ New characters, stories and location every month!


The Cabinet will return soon!

In a secret place in Paris

Want to book the Cabinet for a private party?

3 doors. 3 stories. 1 extraordinary evening. ✨

The Cabinet of Curiosities is an immersive and interactive experience held for a handful of connoisseurs in a secret place in Paris (the exact place will be revealed 48 hours before the show and will always be in an easily accessed part of the city).

During 1h30,
in small groups of no more than 5 people, open each of the 3 doors of our Cabinet and discover the surprising characters and stories they conceal. From the bearded lady to the voodoo priestess, let our curiosities take you into their crazy and atypical worlds. No experience has ever allowed you to interact so closely with the characters!
Set in a mysterious place reminiscent of the posh private clubs of Victorian England, the Cabinet of Curiosities invites its participants to explore a myriad of unique and wonderful worlds that are sure to ignite your curiosity.

Taste the culinary treats of the era, dance the night away, share unusual stories, and fall under the spell of our curiosities hailed from every era and every country!

Come to the 7pm show to start off your evening with a bang, or to the 9pm show for fun and desserts!

Each m
onth, discover 3 new characters and 3 new and unique universes, in an intimate, sexy, engaging and always surprising experience!

Turn the locks and...

Discover a sample of our curiosities



What is the Cabinet of Curiosities?

The Cabinet des Curiosités is an immersive and interactive experience held for very small groups (no more than 15 people per session) that takes place once a month in various locations in Paris. During 1h30, you will be able to interact with our actors and discover their characters and the worlds they inhabit. You will be able to eat, drink, dance, play, sing... each of our curiosities gives rise to unique interactions, whether it's a wild dance with a cabaret dancer or a gun duel with a notorious gunslinger!

"Immersive and interactive"? What will I have to do, exactly?

Our immersive experiences are made with all types of participants in mind... including those who prefer not to participate! Whether you feel like challenging Mae West to a singing contest or would rather sip a glass of Champagne while watching Marie Antoinette teach the other participants a few dance steps, you choose the level of interactivity you feel comfortable with.

How long is the experience?

The experience is 1h30 long.

Where is the Cabinet?

The location changes every month and allows you to discover a new private apartment.  Each month, the specific address will be revealed 48 hours before the show, but it will always take place somewhere in Paris.

Which language is the experience in?

The Cabinet des Curiosités is a 100% bilingual experience, accessible to people who speak French and/or English!

What happens if I'm late to the show?

We expect our Connoisseurs to be punctual. It will not be possible to enter the Cabinet more than 5 minutes after the beginning of each session.

Do I need to wear something special?

There is no dress code, but connoisseurs are strongly encouraged to have fun, dress up, and let loose their most curious selves!

What is your cancelling/reimbursement policy?

Tickets are non-refundable or exchangeable, but you can give your ticket to a friend if you cannot come. If you arrive more than 5 minutes after the start of your session, you will not be able to access the experience and your ticket will not be refunded. However, if Eat the Cake cancels the show, your tickets will be fully refunded.

Can I bring my children?

Our Cabinet of Curiosities is (for now) not recommended for connoisseurs under 16. Our Curiosities include cabaret dancers, volatile gangsters and drunken cowboys; their behavior may offend the sensibilities of the young.

Is the Cabinet accessible to people with reduced mobility?

Unfortunately, the Cabinet des Curiosités is currently held in private apartments, so we cannot guarantee its accessibility.

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