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Sally Skull, the story of a recycled character

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

How, you may wonder, does Eat The Cake Studio manage to create incredible universes full of characters in such a short time? Well, it's partially because we recycle the characters and the actors.

With all our years of experience creating shows and events, we and our artists have a lot of characters in our repertoire, sometimes including their costumes and props, everything to bring them to life in a new experience, a new event.

Sally Skull is one of those characters that we will recycle for our "Wild West Reimagined" universe. A few years ago, before the creation of Eat The Cake Studio, Elena Odessa Ray, one of our four co-founders and the main actress of the team, set up an equestrian show project and her character was Sally Skull, a little-known but fascinating woman from the American West. This is another benefit of working on historical experiences: it allows us to discover characters in history who are incredible, even if they have been quite forgotten today.

Sally Skull was born in 1817 or 1818 and her family was among the "Old Three Hundred" pioneers who arrived in Texas to live (or survive) despite the hostilities of the native inhabitants and the harshness of life on the frontier. She had 9 siblings. Very young Sally was already very brave, taking the neighbor's rifle from his hands when the coward did not dare to shoot at marauders approaching the house. Sally started shooting at them and from then on she was very into guns. Sally married her first husband, childhood hero Jesse Robinson, at the age of 16 but after having two children with him, they divorced. She later married George Scull the same year, but he "disappeared" after a few years and Sally kept his name, changing the "C" to a "K" because it suited her better. It is assumed that Sally killed George as she is reputed to have done for several of her 5 husbands. Her last husband, who was 22 years younger than her and nicknamed "HorseTrough", is the one who likely killed Sally when she was 43.

During her lifetime, she earned a reputation as the toughest, most dangerous, tempestuous, and cunning woman in Texas and perhaps the entire American West. She was a horse trader and during the Civil War she transported cotton to Mexico to be sent on to Europe and then on the way back she brought arms, ammunition and other supplies for the Confederate army. She loved to dance and once when she heard a man insult her, she took a gun in each hand (she could shoot just fine with her left or right hand) and she shot at his feet saying "You talk shit about me, Asshole, well now you dance, you son of a bitch! ". Stories like this about Sally are numerous and each one is more incredible than the last. In any case, she is certainly a character worth discovering or rediscovering.

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