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From Bouncer to Bubbles Dealer - My Time at the WXO Summit

Last June marked the debut of the WXO (World Experience Organization) Summit in London, and the entire experience was an absolute delight. The event brought together a vibrant community of creators, professionals, and enthusiasts in the realm of experience design. The summit was invigorating, inspiring, and downright fun!

Phantom Peak was the perfect place in which to gather so many creative people

The three-day summit included an action-packed program of keynotes, workshops, unconferences, and experiences (you can read a recap of those in Elena’s latest blog!). It was a whirlwind festival (of sorts) of innovation and collaboration, which inspired us to dive into the art of creating unforgettable encounters and explore the limitless possibilities that lie at the intersection of creativity.

What truly resonated and left me feeling punchdrunk with enthusiasm was the incredible community of like-minded individuals that were present. As a fellow experience creator aptly described it, 'the beautiful crazy lot' that is the WXO community.

As part of the support team, I had the special advantage of experiencing the gathering from a unique perspective - simultaneously as an organizer and a participant. Throughout the event, my main role was to provide dedicated support to the event manager, ensuring that everything ran smoothly and that all attendees had their needs met. Embracing the role of the hostess with the mostest (a position I am well-versed in and thrive in!), I took great pleasure in ensuring that each participant felt welcomed and valued.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my role was the fun opportunity to check participants in during the event. This allowed me to personally meet each and every attendee, even if it meant they had to encounter my cheeky and playful 'sassy bouncer' persona on the first day. The interactions among the arriving participants were filled with laughter and camaraderie, setting the tone for a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere.

As the drinks distributor during the opening cocktail, I also enjoyed the chance to create a welcoming ambiance by ensuring everyone had a glass of bubbles in hand. It was so much fun to see the smiles and conversations flowing freely as attendees started connecting with one another!

It was all energy, all the time !

Being an active participant gave me another perspective and allowed me to explore and partake in the summit's program. I even had the opportunity to co-facilitate an unconference with my friend and business partner, Elena, on the subject of love languages and their relation to experience design. (Funny story: we didn’t know what to call the unconference, so we just wrote ‘Something fun and cool’ on the program and were happily surprised when a bunch of participants showed up! Kudos for curiosity!) I loved the opportunity to engage with fellow attendees, sharing ideas, insights, and experiences, and building a sense of connection that went beyond just ‘networking’.

Experiencing the summit in the dual role of both a member of the support team and an active participant was an absolute delight for me and the highlight of my time at the summit. Embracing the backstage facilitator position while actively engaging with the summit's vibrant community offered me a front-row seat to witness firsthand the result of our combined efforts in crafting a memorable experience for all.

A big THANK YOU to all the attendees, both old friends and new, who made this summit truly unique. Everyone’s presence and participation added immeasurable value to the event. It was co-creation at its finest.

I left the summit energized, inspired, and grateful to be part of such an extraordinary community. There's nothing more fulfilling than being surrounded by like-minded individuals who share the same passion and dedication to creating meaningful encounters. I look forward to the continued growth, collaboration, and adventures that lie ahead at the WXO!

Some of the wonderful peeps we met at the summit


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